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New mobile dating app: Go on more dates with Whim

New mobile dating app provides same-day dates.
New mobile dating app provides same-day dates.

Described as the "Hotel Tonight" of mobile dating apps, Whim sets you up on same-day dates promising more real-life results. Whim cuts to the chase by limiting back-and-forth messaging that often times go no where and accelerating the part where people actually meet in person and face to face.

The new dating app is like a cross between Coffee Meets Bagel and Grouper. Coffee Meets Bagel is a mobile app that sends you one daily match (or bagel) everyday at noon while Grouper is a mobile app that sets up you and two friends on a group date with another set of three friends. Whim takes these two concepts a step further to make mobile dating work better based on the biggest complaints people have about online dating today.

3 reasons why you're so over online dating

Before I met my boyfriend (on OkCupid), I was so over online dating after having my go with it for almost eight years on an off. It just wasn't working for me. My boyfriend and I almost didn't even meet because it was a series of back-and-forth messaging that spanned the course of a week or two before we finally ended up meeting…. on a whim, ironically. We met up for Thai food and the rest is history in the making. As much as we both enjoyed the single life, online dating started becoming somewhat of a joke, and even a favorite pastime. Here are three reasons why online dating has lost its appeal:

  1. Too much work for too little effort. Browsing through profiles, filtering through matches and sending back-and-forth messages that lead to nowhere all takes time. The return on investment is low.

  2. Low quality, real life results. While the trend toward mobile dating is aimed at creating more instant connections online, singles feel like they're wasting their time with poor matches and lots of flakiness.

  3. Emotional burnout. When all is said and done, poor results that lack in quality can really burn some people out and have a negative impact on their dating experience when they finally end up on an actual date.

Dating on a whim

In an effort to solve the biggest challenges singles are experiencing today, the Whim mobile dating app skips the whole messaging shenanigans to get you on more dates more efficiently and effectively. The new dating app works a lot like Coffee Meets Bagel in the curation of matches, but the main difference is that you only get matches on days when you check-in to the app for a date later that night. Plus, Whim is for people who want to go on actual dates not for people who just want a penpal.

The app also works a little bit like Grouper, but it sets you up on one-on-one dates instead of group dates. Like Grouper, Whim also has partnerships with certain bars, cafes and restaurants so the app makes date planning convenient by suggesting specific places for your and your date to meet. The best part about the Whim dating app is that you only go on real dates with matches you pre-approve.

How the Whim mobile dating app works

The dating app seems pretty simple to use. I test drove it myself when I took a tour of the app at Here's the jist of how it works:

  • The Whim dating app uses your Facebook data to make your profile. Like most apps these days, Whim promises never to post to your wall.

  • After you've logged into the app, you'll confirm your information, then add more details about yourself and your ideal match.

  • On days when you want to go on a date, let Whim know by checking into the mobile app by 4 p.m. You'll get a text by 4:30 p.m. with your matches, and you can pick and choose which ones you're willing to go on a date with that same night.

  • You'll have your evening date all lined up for you by 6 o'clock with one of the people you liked who also liked you.

Does this new dating app sound like something that's right up your alley?

Although the mobile app is scheduled to launch today according to an insider source, the iOS app will be available in the app store starting August 2014. In the meanwhile, visit to test drive the app for yourself.

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