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New ‘Minecraft’ update will prepare save transfers before Xbox One, PS4 release

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It is known that current owners of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of Minecraft will be able to import their existing world saves to the upcoming next-gen editions of the game. While the new console ports are likely to launch in September rather than releasing this month as originally expected, 4J Studios plans to give fans the option to prepare save file transfers ahead of time. The developer revealed on Aug. 26 that they now have updates in testing that will bring the option to turn last-gen Minecraft saves into Xbox One and PS4 compatible files early.

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The new title updates for Minecraft’s Xbox 360 and PS3 editions are now undergoing certification tests from both Microsoft and Sony to see if they meet the requirements to release over Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. The last-gen updates will launch before the release of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of Minecraft which means gamers can have their current saves prepared for the new consoles upon launch.

While the new-gen editions of Minecraft will feature worlds that are 32 times larger than those found within the title’s Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, importing an old save to the new platforms will not allow fans to enjoy the bigger map sizes when they first release. The developer has said that they will add the option for players to be able to increase their existing world size but the feature won’t like be included at launch.

Despite the fact that there is now less than a week left in August, 4J Studios has not yet officially announced that the upcoming Xbox One and PS4 editions of the game won’t still release this month. However, considering that the PS4 version was just resubmitted for certification recently, alongside the fact that the Xbox One title is still in development, in now seems likely that the games will be pushed back to September.