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New ‘Minecraft’ progress for the Xbox One, PS4 release means a delay is likely

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

While the next-gen versions of Minecraft were originally expected to launch this month, it now seems that their release might be delayed since there is less than a week left in August. Offering fans an update on the current stages of development for the upcoming new editions of Minecraft, 4J Studios revealed exactly how close to release both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 editions of the block-building game are to launching in a series of tweets from their official Twitter account on Aug. 26.

Earlier this month, 4J Studios already sent the PS4 edition of Minecraft to Sony to begin its final certification test. This test ensures that the title meets the required standards to release on the Playstation Network, but unfortunately, the developer revealed last week that the game was sent back to development after failing to pass the first test.

4J Studios announced on Tuesday that they have now addressed the issues that Sony uncovered and have resubmitted the game for its second certification. Additionally, the developer also stated that they are currently removing the last known bugs from the Xbox One edition of Minecraft and they expect to send it off to Microsoft for certification laser this week.

It is possible for the games to be rushed through certification in order to release before the end of August, but since certification testes typically take around one week to complete, it seems unlikely that the new versions of the popular sandbox title will launch on the current-gen of consoles this month. Players should expect to see them, at the earliest, in September.

The developer also provided an update on the PS Vita version of the game. It is further behind the new-gen ports and still has several bugs to remove before it is ready for release. As such, fans should expect to see the Minecraft: PS Vita Edition release later than the game’s Xbox One and PS4 versions.