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New Milwaukee music sampler now available

OMCD3 album artwork.
OMCD3 album artwork.
Courtesy MU &

Marquette University, in collaboration with, has put together a "soundtrack to Milwaukee" local music sampler. The album acts as a beginner's guide for newly-christened Milwaukeeans and as a nice reminded to the rest of us of the vitality of the local music scene.

The mix is predominantly geared towards incoming and current students at Marquette, as there are no links nor even mention of the project on the onmilwaukee website, and a physical copy of the CD is available on the university campus. That being said, the hosting page itself is public access and those less inclined to leave the comfort of one's home during the current blizzard can download the tracks at their leisure.

The track list is as follows:

  • The Patina Tree — Princess
  • The Scarring Party — Follow It Down
  • The Championship — Christian Man/I'd Rather Be Truckin'
  • The Color Truth — Counting Sheep
  • Father Phoenix — Large Bodies
  • Xpensive Dogs — Pinocchio
  • Lumberhorn — Judgment Day
  • David Tomaloff — Hold On (Alternate Mix)
  • Pezzettino — Parasite
  • The Candeliers — Junebug Park
  • Kevin Brandt — I Want You Tonight
  • Decibully — Let Me in My Lord
  • The Heavyheads — Rusty Moon
  • The Olmsted Ensemble — Lake Park
  • The Subcontinentals — Goodnight Nobody
  • The Celebrated Workingman — We're Numb

Links to the tracks can be found here.


  • JC Poppe 5 years ago

    As a person who just attempted to give a sampling of the city sound in a certain genre (Yo! MKE Raps) I know how hard it is to show all sides, voices, etc.

    However, for a school (Marquette) to not include any straight Hip-Hop tracks in the mix is a glaring error, especially since Marquette once elected to spend lots of money to get Talib Kweli to play a show there.

    Milwaukee has some extremely approachable artists in the Hip-Hop world. People that make music that would be "friendly" to such a compilation. Frankie Flowers comes to mind immediately. So does Kid Millions.

    Of course I don't know the politics that went into making a project like this but it seems odd that bands like Jaill and Red Knife Lottery weren't included as well.

    These are just a few thoughts.


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