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New Milwaukee music sampler now available

OMCD3 album artwork.
OMCD3 album artwork.
Courtesy MU &


  • JC Poppe 6 years ago

    As a person who just attempted to give a sampling of the city sound in a certain genre (Yo! MKE Raps) I know how hard it is to show all sides, voices, etc.

    However, for a school (Marquette) to not include any straight Hip-Hop tracks in the mix is a glaring error, especially since Marquette once elected to spend lots of money to get Talib Kweli to play a show there.

    Milwaukee has some extremely approachable artists in the Hip-Hop world. People that make music that would be "friendly" to such a compilation. Frankie Flowers comes to mind immediately. So does Kid Millions.

    Of course I don't know the politics that went into making a project like this but it seems odd that bands like Jaill and Red Knife Lottery weren't included as well.

    These are just a few thoughts.


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