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New Michigan State Spartans locker room sign not entirely "accurate"...

Michigan State's new "accurate" sign outside of the state-of-the-art locker room...
(Photo by David Harns/twitter)

On Monday, it was revealed that not even millions and millions of dollars can guarantee that you get a job done completely right these days...

The Michigan State Spartans have been showing off their new locker room and player's facilities as of late - and they should; the new areas are top-of-the-line and feature some incredible workmanship, technological advances, and are far and beyond anything that the boys in Green and White used to be using throughout the past years.

Even head coach Mark Dantonio took to twitter these past few weeks to showcase his pride for his team's new digs. Another twitter user, David Harns, tweeted a photo from the Spartans' locker room featuring a glass sign that for all accounts, could have used a proofreader or two. The inscription on the sign is as follows:

"Come all challengers from all distances. Those who covet our crown. Those who have written us off will feel our resolve with every bone-crunching tackle, with every acurate pass, and with every single point we score. We will be a thorn in your side, for if you want what is ours, be warned; whereas beyond this door lie the Spartans of Michigan State."

Did you notice the typo? Sure you did. It's in the most awkward place to have a typo: Within the word "accurate."

How, despite all the millions of dollars spent by donors and fundraisers, nobody seemed to notice a glaring error in what was likely an expensive sign, is still up in the air. Yet, if the structure doesn't collapse and the players are happy, comfortable, and the recruiting game edges in the Spartans favor as a result of the new facilities, I'd say the money was still well spent. They could always just drop a few more coins and get the sign fixed, as well.

Is this a big deal? No. Is it funny at the moment in an ironic and sardonic sort of way? Yes.

Should we move on to some preseason football discussion? Sounds good to me.

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