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New Mexico tax-free days and back to school sales

school supplies on sale
school supplies on sale
Esperanza Dodge

As school approaches and APS summer vacation begins to shorten, the sales and deals for all things school related make its way to stores. You can save a lot of money for children in school or yourself if you're a student if you make sure to plan your back-to-school shopping around New Mexico tax-free days and to stores with the best sales. There are plenty of them out there, but here are a few you may want to try for school supplies and uniforms.

The annual 'New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax Holiday' is coming to Albuquerque from August 2-4 this year. For these 4 days, you can save by not having to pay taxes on school items. Here's the breakdown of how much you can expect to save. Note 'unit' = one item such as one pair of shoes. But you can still get several pieces of clothing, school supplies, etc. Be sure to take note of the total price limit for computers and computer related items. New Mexico Taxation & Revenue states: "To qualify for the deduction, clothing or shoes must be priced at less than $100 per unit. The price limit for desktop, laptop or notebook computers is $1,000, and for related computer hardware it is $500. School supplies for use in standard, general-education classrooms must be under $30 per unit."

Office Max has over 1,000 items priced $5 or less. Both Office Max and Office Depot has erasers, sharpeners, glue and ply snap envelopes for only $0.25 each. You can get a ream of copy paper for only $1 after a mail-in rebate. Staples has several items for under $1, including folders, notebooks, notecards, rulers, markers, erasers, sharpeners and more. To get a breakdown of a dozen different stores and their back to school sales, see here for more information. You can always bet that Walmart has several back-to-school items for low prices.

If your wears uniforms, be sure to read this article to read about the best sales and deals for uniforms, including Fallas. You'll also want to keep a lookout for when Old Navy has its sales on clothing because they also sell uniforms. Their normal day-to-day prices are not cheap, but their sale days are great. JCPenney and Sears often have sales on uniforms and kids clothing for the 3-4 weeks leading up to returning to school. Try to coincide your trip with a tax-free clothing day to maximize your savings.