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New Mexico school shooting: 4 or more injured in shooting, suspect in custody

New Mexico school shooting: 4 or more injured in shooting, suspect in custody
New Mexico school shooting: 4 or more injured in shooting, suspect in custody Photos, Image File

A New Mexico school shooting has left 4 or more children injured this Tuesday, as officials have confirmed that someone entered Berrendo Middle School in Roswell, New Mexico, and opened fire on students. The suspect is now in police custody, and at least two of the children rushed to hospitals are in critical condition. US NBC News shares the breaking details on this still emerging story this Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014.

According to the latest updates and an eyewitness at the scene, the shooter was in fact a male student that attended Berrendo.

The New Mexico school shooting occurred at roughly 8 a.m. this morning in local time, with sources saying that shots were fired shortly after the first bells rang. A 14-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl (two of the 4 children hurt) are currently said to be in critical condition, and are being flown to University Medical Center of Texas to be treated for gunshot wounds. A more local medical center in New Mexico is aiding the other two known victims at this time, though the severity of their injuries is not confirmed yet.

Anyssa Vegara, a sixth-grader, told The Albuquerque Journal newspaper that she was in the middle of chatting with a Berrendo Middle School security guard when she suddenly heard a gunshot.

“I turned around and all I saw was someone on the floor with their arm bleeding,” Vegara said.

The guard told her to get immediately to class and left to assist.

“Students were taken by bus to a nearby mall, where visibly distraught parents gathered to pick them up. KOB, the NBC affiliate in Albuquerque, reported that parents were being taken five or six at a time into the mall to be reunited with their children.”

“It was scary. It was freaky,” one parent, Kathy Sigala, told a news station following the New Mexico school shooting at the mall. “I didn’t understand. I got a call from where I work and I was at home. I just got in my car, and my daughter came with the other kids.”

“We’re just grateful for Roswell, RPD, for their fast reaction in getting there and taking care of what they have to take of,” she added. “We just can't believe that it would happen here.”

The identity of the shooter has not been identified yet, nor has his motives. (Again, witnesses claim it may have been a student of the school.) However, he is now in police custody and no longer a threat, confirms the press release. Law enforcement officials are planning a press conference sometime today to share what is known and inform the public of the tragic and sudden shooting at Berrendo Middle School in New Mexico.

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