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New Mexico's own Monica Lovato ready for anything

Monica Lovato
Monica Lovato

At first glance, Monica Lovato looks like a down to earth woman who you could take home to mom. Her sparkling personality and willingness to help others is shown as soon as you introduce yourself. But step into the cage or boxing ring and it’s a whole different story.
Lovato, a fighter with FITNHB, has had a successful boxing career and is now working on her MMA career. With a current MMA record of 5-1 she is proving that boxers can transition to MMA and make it. Monica is currently preparing for her September 5th match up against Tomomi “Windy Tomomi” Sunaba in Japan for Pancrase MMA. “My game plan is to be aggressive from the start of the bell!” Monica said in an exclusive interview. “The rest is in God’s hands. I will fight my heart out, whatever it takes. Whether its strikes or I take her to the ground and submit her, we’ll see what happens in the ring.”

Lovato likes the way that women’s MMA has burst into the scene. “It has exploded very quickly, seems like a lot faster than boxing.” While women’s MMA has been taking off, it is still not as accepted as the men’s. “I hope that both sports continue to rise for women. We train just as hard as men do and we should be headlining cards just as much as the guys.”
While Monica enjoys fighting, she is starting to set her sights on training up and coming fighters. One of her protégés, Antonio “Tone” Martinez, trains with her in her hometown of Espanola. “I will be turning him pro this year and we are both very excited.” Lovato says. “Look out for this young boxer, he is tough and determined to make things happen!” As for her own fight career, she says “My days are short, I will be done soon. I’m just taking one opportunity and day at a time.” While she enjoys training determined hard working fighters, she also has plans to further her education. A massage therapist and personal trainer at Athletic Touch in Albuquerque, she says she loves it and “It’s great when you love your job!”

Lovato has a bright future ahead of her but says “I would have loved to go further with boxing but the dice just didn’t roll my way. It’s ok because I accomplished my one goal of winning a world title. Of course we never stop wanting more or are just satisfied with what we have.” She continues on to say “I feel that’s a good quality of mine because it always makes me work harder.”