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New Methods of Nootropic Administration

If anyone has heard of Onnit Labs or the Joe Rogan Experience, they may have also learned about nootropic drugs. These are compounds that can help to improve memory and enhance cognitive function in general. The only problem with some of these compounds is how effective they are after being metabolized in the stomach and intestines.

There is a new debate in the nootropic community about whether the sublingual administration method is better than taking something orally. People who are interested in getting a psychoactive compound directly into their bloodstream can utilize the space under their tongue and avoid have the enzymes metabolize everything or a percentage of the compound before it actually provides any advantage.

Some items, such as noopept or coluracetam sublingual, can have a significant effect on the enhanced memory that many people are trying to acquire. If you are prepared to take the sublingual solution in your mouth for a few moments, you will most likely see a number of memory enhancing advantages.

Taking these sublingual options is a lot better if you are taking drugs with a low bioavailability in the first place. Something like coluracetam is great because it can help to avoid the first pass metabolism that loses so much of this expensive molecule!

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