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New Menu Items at John C. Lincoln Hospital

Growing and Getting Better at John C. Lincoln
Growing and Getting Better at John C. Lincoln
by Vance Eaglin

Good Day Readers! I hope all your summer days are long and may the sun shine on all your hours of fun outdoors.

Carolina Style Pulled Pork Sandwich
by Vance Eaglin

Grilling is the word during summer and the Grill at John C. Lincoln Hospital in Phoenix has gone through changing the long

of the meny by making the long of it a more shorter of it. The foods that were,, were of some of the guest favorites and

the guests have made their voices heard that the oldies are still the goodies as far as they are concerned. The concern

was the confusion and congestion of having an almost unlimited of combinations one could take and create with what the

grill had to offer on their regular menu. Streamline and design came into play and the selections went away. Ticket turn

is of most importance in this venue where time is short and urgency is indeed the sense. So streamlining what the options

are making specific package menu items less speculative seems to be the ticket to a faster push and guests receive orders

for more quickly. So far the response is up in the air with some positive critiques and some negative critiques but what

is most notable is that everyone is a critic. The object to try and please everyone isn't it? But the old saying which

could never be more true is that you can not please everyone no matter how hard you try. You can be the prettiest and

best smelling rose in the rose garden, but without question, there will always be a one, a two, or three people who

absolutely do not like rosed. Head on in to the Grill at John C. Lincoln and give their best a try. Enjoy the slide show. See you at

the next spot.

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