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New Memphis Horse Rescue Group


Photo by Dark Horse Rescue

Dark Horse Rescue held an informational meeting Thursday, February 11 at the Collierville library. Founders Christy Gross and local veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Dunlap were on-hand to provide information and details about the goals, mission, and needs of this organization. In attendance were many local horse enthusiasts interesting in learning more about the rescue and how to help current horses in need both in the care of Dark Horse Rescue and throughout the greater Memphis area. Christy also expressed her interest in using this group to promote awareness about responsible horse ownership, in order to help  horses, horse-owners, concerned citizens, law enforcement, and local government learn more about horse welfare.

Christy, a native of Franklin, Tennessee, explained to the group that the horse rescue “calling” found her. She assisted Fayette County Area Rescue with several cases. That experience opened her eyes to the need for a horse rescue organization in the local Memphis area. Somehow, both Christy’s love of horses, and her recognition for the need for a horse rescue organization in the Memphis area, led her and her family down this path. “Growing up in Franklin, it never occurred to me that anyone could mistreat a horse.” She recalled searching for a horse rescue group in the Memphis area years back, and being unable to find any. Many attendants visibly agreed with Christy’s sentiments in regards to the lack of local horse welfare groups.

Christy went on to explain that her experience assisting horse rescue efforts at FCAR, who assist primarily with dog and cat rescue, opened her eyes to the reality of the tragedies of irresponsible horse ownership. She stated her opinion that most people don’t neglect their horses out of malicious intent. “They are often very nice people who have fallen on hard times and can’t afford to adequately care for their horses any longer. Many don’t have anyone to turn to for help.” Christy stated that she and Dark Horse Rescue currently have no room for additional horses. She receives daily calls from horse owners desperate for help with their horses in this harsh economy.

Dark Horse Rescue is located in Collierville, Tennessee and is in the process of becoming an official “non-profit”. They currently have several nice horses available for adoption. The adoption fee for each horse is $325 and future homes must be approved. Dark Horse Rescue hopes to hold quarterly meetings. Christy needs help in the following areas:adoptions, foster homes, training, donations, etc.

In fact, donations can be made at Halls Feed and Seed in Collierville. Simply let the staff know that you’d like to donate an amount towards Dark Horse Rescue, and your donation will go towards feed and supplies for their horses

If you are interested in helping or would like additional information, please contact Christy Gross at 901-378-1071 or email Be sure to check out their facebook page for updates and photos of horses available for adoption.


  • Laura Hailey 4 years ago

    I am soooo glad to hear that someone has started a horse rescue here in this area...i will be keeping up with it's progress and appreciating the efforts of those involved...wish i could be a part of it.

  • Tina Branno 2 years ago

    I too am excited there is a "semi-local" rescue group close to me.I am in Henry County. Let me know if can be of any service!!!

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