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New Meet-Up: Tantra in Texas!


A few million millimoments ago, the Web arrived. There was a period in the 90s when  it seemed that everything was going to be cooked down into 0s and 1s, the  planet converted to code. Screens got bigger, chips got smaller.  A brief efflorescence of World Web Wilderness (between Gopher and AOL) raised some evolutionary hopes,  but by the year 2000, the Web had been paved into the endless and eternal shopping mall we have come to adore.  Screens continued to grow, chips became microbial.  Our chairs and beds explicated into desks, then ergonomic skins.  We were Virtualizing. 

Then Meetup came along.  

Conceived in the impressionable days immediately after September 11, Meetup answered the  urgent call  for community.   We were looking for a way to see (and feel and smell) who was out there; how we might be able to collaborate, support, inspire each other.    Meetups have being going on in Austin since 2003, but there has never been a group for Tantriikas in the Central Texas area.   This, despite more than 700 members signed up as 'interested' in Tantra.

Brace yourselves.  On February 9th the Austin Tantra Examiner will host its first Tantra in Texas Meetup.  The meetings will be monthly, the discussion guided by the Austin Tantra Examiner and visiting Tantranauts.   As this is our inaugural meeting, the agenda will include:

  1. Introductions and Aspirations: who is attending and what are we seeking from/for this Meetup?;
  2. Fretboard (salaam to PXN for the term): What do you find suspicious or disreputable about Tantra?;

and if we have time, as we are so close to Valentinus' Day (and night)...

      3. Valentantra, or What's Sex Got to Do With It?

To inquire about, or attend this Meetup, please join the group Tantra in Texas.  There will be a limit of 30 persons and we are requesting a 3$ donation to offset the Meetup fees.  Anything collected beyond that will go to Médecins sans frontieres for Haitian earthquake relief.  


Mysti Easterwood writing as Eleusis D, is Prima Boborina for Tantra for Bobos!  a septameron of Essays on the basics of Tantra. 


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