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New Maximum Donkey & Fathers and Suns at The Continental Room TONIGHT!

Continental Room in the City of Fullerton
Continental Room in the City of Fullerton
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If you have been paying attention to my articles and photography you will undoubtedly have notice my love and appreciation for tribute bands of diverse genres. My more prominent taste in music tends to lean towards the Beatles or Beatles-esque style of music. However, I do believe what tends to be lost on the public regarding these bands is the fact that all of them are excellent seasoned musicians when away from the "tribute" scene.

One of these Beatles tribute bands, Britain's Finest will have two of it's members headlining a fantastic double bill tonight at the Continental Room in Fullerton. Paul McCartney tribute artist Benjamin Chadwick will bring his band "New Maximum Donkey" to the intimate band-shell stage along with Ringo Starr tribute artist Luis Renteria and his band "Fathers and Suns". Personally I have never experienced these two in a LIVE setting but I have heard their music and let me just's really good.

New Maximum Donkey benefits from the fantastic vocal range of Mr Chadwick. Couple that with the amusing and sometimes tongue-in-cheek lyric's and NMD is an enjoyable experience. Melodically the band doesn't they say. Upon my first and second listening it suddenly struck me that I could be hearing some of their tracks in a film...say, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Very catchy, upbeat music that will surely please a mass audience.

Fathers & Suns takes a more serious tone with their music and yet it is very reminiscent of the "Laurel Canyon" influence age of the early 70's. With a back beat lead by Luis Renteria and fantastic bass line harmony, Fathers and Suns music drifts and floats along like a comforting blanket. And did I mention some fantastic drum and bass work? Well, it deserves repeating.

If you can make it out to the Continental Room tonight you will be in for a treat. The show is free but they have an excellent bar so, enjoy yourselves. Tell both bands I sent ya!

Continental Room

115 W Santa Fe Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 526-4529

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