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New Match making sight helps mom find other mom friends

Mom Meet Mom is a match making site that helps mom find other mom friends.
Mom Meet Mom is a match making site that helps mom find other mom friends.
Nicole Ramage

Being a parent can be hard enough. Often times, it's isolating, challenging, and lonely. When it comes to finding friends, it is difficult to find friends for a mom that share the same parenting styles and also get along, as well as have children that are the same age that your little ones can play with. Now, Jan. 6 ABC News reports that there is a new match making site just for moms that does exactly that. is a website that allows moms to look locally for other moms that share their same interests, parenting styles, number of kids, and priorities so that moms can find friends that they click with as well as play dates for their kids. When the parents don't like each other, it's hard. Where do you find other people to hang out with? The grocery store? The website uses the same dating technology as places like that allows moms to filter out the things that they don't look for in friends, or those that don't share the same parenting styles.

For parents of special needs kids, this site can be especially beneficial as moms with special needs kids often bond together. When the kids have similar interests and needs, the parents understand each other better, which makes them more compatible as friends.

The website was created by three moms that wanted to make finding friends and the whole process of "mom dating" easier and less stressful. Surely, anything beats meeting other moms at the grocery store, or on Craig's List.