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New markets and businesses changing locations to provide more revenue

Businesses like this one come into town to get as much money as they can
Businesses like this one come into town to get as much money as they can

In the San Jose bay area, there have been tons of businesses changing their locations due to either a bad neighborhood surrounding them, or they think they'll get better business in a certain area so they decide to move there. A store in particular, the Grocery Outlet in Gilroy, CA, changed their location recently to more inward, near the Target store and Lowe's off of highway 152. Before, they were located near Blockbuster on 1st Street, so they managed to move nine blocks inward to get better business. What was put in their place? a mexican market called Mi Pueblo Foods. People complained about the colors of this new market, but it seems to have generated a lot of revenue its first month to make up for the complaints.

Several businesses have not only changed locations within the current cities that they already were in, but they have changed cities. Some have gone from small towns like Gilroy to big cities like San Francisco. Others have gone from big cities to small towns, whichever strategy they use, some work while others do not. Some small towns would love to have certain businesses come into town, like a Crate and Barrel or a Golden Corral. The latter restaurant has been extremely popular lately and has been advertised on the west coast a lot even though there aren't that many in California. Businesses are what generate enough money to have the towns and cities operate at the level they operate at. Look at the Garlic Festival in Gilroy. That revenue they garner during that July weekend, gives them enough money for a whole month. Then they can spend money to lease property to open up a new business or even open up city jobs for people to garner employment. Its a win win in situations like that.

Cities are even putting up acres of land for sale because in this economy you have to sell what you have to in order to survive. We can all pretty much blame President Bush for that, can we? If a person runs a business, they need to take into account the location and the demographic from which they are directing their sales toward. Make sure the business is located in a good neighborhood where people can feel safe and secure and would like the products being sold in store. You also need to tailor your products toward age groups that you want to sell them at. Look at Spencer's Gifts, the novelty toy store, they sell fake poop and all different kinds of fun gadgets. They tailor their sales toward adults and children thirteen ages and up. Its all a matter of what an audience wants and what they look for as a consumer. That is what businesses should do and would do to stay popular and grow their fan base. Just an observation, I'm sure everyone else has noticed it too.