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New marijuana advisory councel launches, Smart Approaches to Marijuana Canada

Marijuana Plant
Marijuana Plant
PabloEvans via Flickr Creative Commons

A new advisory council, Smart Approaches to Marijuana Canada (SAMC), launched this morning in Ottawa in the company of MPs, Senators, and other guests over breakfast.

The goal of the non-profit organization is to research and inform the public on marijuana with the hopes of affecting further cannabis policies, particularly regarding legalization. Though SAMC acknowledges several advantages of marijuana, it opposes the legalization and normalization of the herb.

They encourages honest discussions about how Canada uses weed, how it can benefit certain groups, and how widespread use can be reduced. They use a health-first approach that is not for or against marijuana but simply offers scientific facts on the substance.

One possible development as a result of legalization that they strongly oppose is the creation of a marijuana industry akin to the Big Tobacco industry North America is now currently fighting. This industry would expose marijuana to all populations and would be particularly worrisome for vulnerable populations.

Organizations like SAMC are integral is Canada's marijuana policies are to be effective and responsible. SAMC takes an unbiased approach in studying the pros and cons of cannabis and how it can be positively used in North American society.