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New ‘Maleficent’ trailer released

Beautiful Evil
Creative Commons

The much anticipated Disney film “Maleficent” will be here in just a few months. In the meantime Disney has kindly released a new trailer giving fans a deeper look into the movie. The movie is set to release May of 2014. We have often wondered what the story of Maleficent is when viewing the “Sleeping Beauty” movie.

After all there is a story behind every “bad guy”. The book “Wicked” showed us a whole new side of the Oz series. Will “Maleficent” do the same? In the new trailer we are shown snippets of the animated film which then bleeds into the new live action film. “Maleficent” is shown bestowing a gift on the baby Aurora.

The clip then broadens and we get a bigger picture of “Maleficent” and Aurora. Angelina Jolie plays Maleficent beautifully, and this examiner for one cannot wait to see the film in its entirety.

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