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New Magic Online art for Thalia and two lands discovered

One of these things is way more pleasant than the others.
One of these things is way more pleasant than the others.

In the last spate of new pieces of art found on Magic Online cards, apparently for Vintage Masters, all of the pictures were actually complete cards. Not so this time - Rumor Mill user EbonPraetor has posted three out-of-context images from an MTGO Pics folder, only one of which is immediately identifiable.

Our first picture is a close-up of the face of a young woman with long silver-white hair, holding a basket-hilt saber - all very clearly the features of Thalia, Guardian of Thraben.

The second and third pieces are both clearly lands, but also much harder to figure out what reprint they might represent.

Number two is a copse of gnarled trees at night, with many pairs of ominously luminous orange eyes peeking out from holes in the trees.

The third is a torchlit hill with a single twisted willow-like tree atop it, and fissures in the ground that resemble a monstrous face, lit up by subterranean fire.

All of the pictures here have a definite Innistrad feel - so it's hard to tell whether they're for some sort of new Innistrad block online Limited event, or indeed for Vintage Masters.

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