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New loyalty program coming for ‘Elder Scrolls Online’ subscribers

The High Hrothgar Wraith pet in ESO
The High Hrothgar Wraith pet in ESO
Photo courtesy of ZeniMax Online, used with permission

With so many MMO games either free-to-play or free with an optional subscription, any bonuses for a subscription-only game are a welcome addition. The Elder Scrolls Online released in April earlier this year, and while still in its infancy, developers are looking to include a little incentive for supporting the game. The addition of a loyalty program was announced on Aug. 21 on the official site with the introduction of the first reward.

For subscribing a total of three months, players will receive a High Hrothgar Wraith pet. This vanity pet will be made available via email according to the announcement. The wraith pet, pictured above, will follow the player around and generally add a little ambiance to any play session.

Players need not be subscribed consecutively in order to receive the pet. As long as their time adds up to three months, any breaks in between subscriptions are fine. However, the free month that comes with new players’ copies of the game does not count toward the loyalty program.

Although the pet is the first of the rewards, no more rewards have been identified yet. The next reward, though, will be available at the six-month mark of an active subscription.

A subscription is currently required to play The Elder Scrolls Online on PC. It is likely that when the title releases on Playstation 4 and Xbox One that a subscription will also be required to play on those systems as well. However, PS4 users will not be required to use Playstation Plus while Xbox users will also have to be subscribed to Xbox Live. Although there is no firm release date for a console version of the game since it was pushed back in May, it was said an extra six months was needed.