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New LOOPER Movie Poster

Looper Movie Poster
Sony Pictures


The first poster for Rian Johnson’s Looper has gone online. The movie stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a futuristic hit man sent 30 years back into the past to kill a target. Things are going as planned until Gordon-Levitt’s future self is sent in the past to be killed. The film has a great concept, and no doubt there will be some very interested movie goers to see if Johnson’s movie lives up to the hype.

After the events of Wonder Con, photos from the movie were released. Looking at them you could tell that Johnson wanted audiences to believe that Gordon-Levitt and Willis are one in the same. These photos showed Gordon-Levitt’s makeup tailored to resemble Willis, which could be some what of a distraction to those with an eagle eye, but a project like this coming from the director of Brick, its probably best to reserve judgment on the movie until we see some actual footage.

As for the poster itself, the dissolving reflective design looks rather cool, despite its heavy CG feel. Perhaps its trying to address the time paradox that will be explored in the movie. The tag lines on the poster doesn’t offer much details as to what the plot could be for those who haven’t been following the progress of the movie, which is a good thing. Plus who could really deny a movie that has Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Emily Blunt. It’s kind of hard to resist a movie like this with names like those printed on the poster.

So an impressive start for the Looper marketing campaign. Though aftering knowing the premise of the movie, I doubt anyone would want to cross paths with either Willis or Levitt. No matter how handsome Gordon-Levitt really is.

The movie also stars Paul Dano and Jeff Daniels. With a new poster already out, hopefully it means that the first trailer will be released in the near future. The first Looper poster exclusively premiered over at /Film. Looper hits theaters on date 15th.

So what do you guys think? Great poster?


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