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New Location for Jennifer Weiner's May 13 book signing in NYC

Jennifer Weiner
Jennifer Weiner
Engelman & Co.

This event will now take place at the Park Avenue Borders located at 461 Park Avenue at 57th street.

On Thursday, May 13, best-selling author Jennifer Weiner will be speaking, answering questions, and signing books at the Park Avenue Borders at 7 pm.

Weiner will be appear to promote the paperback launch of her New York Times #1 bestselling novel - Best Friends Forever.

Best Friends Forever tells the story of Addie Downs and Valerie Adler, two women in their early 30's who are reunited under less than ideal circumstances after a 15 year estrangement. At the end of their senior year, the friends and neighbors went their separate ways when Addie took a stand for Valerie and Valerie turns on Addie leaving their classmates to make Addie's life more miserable than it already was for the overweight teen. Fast forward to the night of their 15 year reunion, an event Addie avoids, and Valerie appearing on Addie's doorstep covered in blood and asking for help. Addie joins her childhood BFF on an adventure of mystery and memories, all in the name of true friendship.

Best Friends Forever arrives in paperback on May 4.