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New local NPO in Dallas

The Widow’s Journey (TWJ) is a new non-profit community outreach to women who have lost their spouses. The mission of TWJ is three-fold: to provide education about the internal and external experience of grief and how it manifests itself throughout the transition process; to introduce professional resources that can assist in that process, and to provide community support beyond traditional grief support. Ultimately, TWJ provides the framework to move the survivor forward with a sense of confidence and purpose, as well as improved interpersonal relationships.

The website provides educational information about the administrative tasks and decisions that
must be completed; checklists and other tools to organize and prioritize those tasks and
decisions; access to additional information through online interviews, retreats and seminars; and
links to professionals who specialize in working with widows.

Starting in September of this year 2012, TWJ will host a local monthly seminar series at the
Park City Club in Dallas, TX. The seminar series will feature subject matter that alternates
between the internal and external experience, includes time for group discussion, and provides
actionable items to assist the widow in her journey to her new paradigm. To find out more visit
TWJ Retreats and Seminars.

Founding member Joy D. Kirsch, a certified financial planner and wealth manager who was
widowed at age 30, experienced first-hand the way that grief affects decision-making. “Until I
was widowed, I didn’t fully appreciate how grief could impair our cognitive abilities. In addition
to the physical loss, widows have to address changes in their mental, physical, psychological,
and physiological states. Even your social status changes. It’s overwhelming.”

These complicated manifestations, combined with the administrative tasks and financial
decisions that are required during this time, can often lead widows and widowers to make poor
decisions that can slow the grieving process and adversely affect them for the rest of their lives.
TWJ provides education and support to change this phenomenon and ease the transition of the

For more information, visit


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