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New local grain supplier: Order yours now!

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Finally, there is a source for local grain, and a way for Bostonians to access it.  Thanks to Boston Localvores, White Oak Farm, of Belchertown, MA, will make its organically grown spelt, rye, and wheat available for purchase and local pick-up.

Each type of grain is available in three sizes.  You may buy as much as you like, so long as it is in multiples of these units: 

- 50lb ($100)

- 25lb ($55)

- 5lb ($12.50)

How to Order
Sign up here. This is a google doc that BL will give to the farmers so they know what to bring. You'll pay the farmers directly when you pick up your grain.

When will I get my grain?
The grains will be delivered to Metro Pedal Power headquarters in Union Sqare, Somerville, on the second or third weekend in August. BL is still nailing down a Saturday or Sunday afternoon that works for the farmers. As BL says, "If you can't make the pickup window, surely you could hire MetroPed for delivery...."

Why buy local grain?
Boston Localvores says it best: "It's a revolutionary addition to the local food movement in New England. But these are whole grains we're talking about. Most of us aren't used to dealing with them, but their health + digestive benefits are pretty great and, because they are fresh, their flavor is surprisingly strong. You *can* use them to produce flour; You can also eat them as whole grains. Or sprout them.  However, you *will* need a mill to produce flour. (A worthy investment ranging from $50-$250. If you want to talk about a mill co-operativeemail us.) "
About White Oak Farm, from Boston Localvores
"White Oak Farm hopes to contribute to local community self-reliance by working to bring nutritious staple food production back to the Pioneer Valley. Under the leadership of Arnie Voehrainger, White Oak Farm has been farming and stewarding “the contours” of Lampson Brook Farmstead at the New England Small Farm Institute in Belchertown MA for over 30 years. Using long term rotations, ecological, organic farming practices and the appropriate scale technology of 1950s era John Deere tractors and equipment, the farm team works to hone beneficial and promising farming practices new and old, to address the challenges of a climate and fossil fuel uncertain future."
"Maybe you heard a bit about the Local Grain CSA they've got going in the western part of the state? White Oak was one of the farms participating in the CSA... and we were lucky enough to snag one of the few Boston-area shares. Which is to say, we can attest to the superior taste and quality of these grain. You can read a bit about it on our blog."
Questions for White Oak? 


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