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New LL SSA rules have residents confused

This week Linden Lab turned on SSA, or Server Side Assets, as a requirement for all of their approved viewers. "Project Sunshine" as LL calls it, is SUPPOSED to improve performance and reduce user lag. But does it really? What are the actual benefits to us the user?

This weekend we will be meeting with Jessica Lyon, Project head for the Firestorm Viewer, the most used of any viewers in Second Life. What changes had to made to comply with SSA, and why? Why was there an emergency forced update from version 4.41 to 4.42, and why? And what does the future hold?

All these and other questions will be answered in my one on one with Jessica. Readers are encouraged to send me any questions they have about Firestorm, so we can ask Jessica to enlighten us.

Send your questions to, with the title "Project Sunshine" and we will fire them at Firestorm. Please submit them today so we can prepare for the intervew.

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