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New! LinkedIn change that helps job seekers

A new change has taken effect in LinkedIn, and it's one that will help ensure that hiring managers see your top qualifications.

It's called Section Reordering, and allows you to push different parts of your profile up or down on the page. Now, you might wonder why THIS is significant to your job hunt.

First of all, recruiters are using your LinkedIn Profile to find out more about you, even though you may not realize it. After all, LinkedIn is a free resume database that lets them see where you attended school, what companies you've worked for, and your work experience.

However, just like a resume, recruiters quickly skim the profile to find out what you offer.

Here's where Section reordering will help.

Suppose that you have a great reputation in your industry, with many LinkedIn Recommendations to show for it and a network that helps you grow revenues for your employers. Then simply move the Recommendations Section farther up the page - even in front of your Summary - to make it more prominent.

The same holds true for Education or Interests. Attended a top school? Make it obvious.

Blog frequently as a thought leader in your industry? Bump this Section up to the front of your profile.

You'll notice here that I've moved MY Recommendations Section to appear immediately under the Summary, rather than its usual position farther down the page.

To move sections, simply grab the + character to the left of the section heading, and drag and drop it to the desired location.

As you can see, this change can greatly benefit your job search--especially when your LinkedIn Profile holds key facts that you want to showcase to prospective employers.

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Laura Smith-Proulx of An Expert Resume is a global job search coach, executive resume writer, and former recruiter who is also the National Resumes Examiner.