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New lingerie site helps women with the perfect bra fit

Choose the right bra with help from the boob pros at LiviRae Lingerie.
LiviRae Lingerie

A new lingerie site has been developed to not only shop for an array of lingerie and intimate apparel for women of all shapes and sizes, but to also educate them on the importance of a proper bra fit.

Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker created LiviRae Lingerie in 2006 to educate women on the importance of proper bra fit. The Kennesaw, Georgia-based boutique helps women of all shapes, sizes and walks of life to find comfortable bras. LiviRae specializes in bra fitting, custom lingerie, plus size bras and specialty products such as augmentation and mastectomy bras.

And now with the official launch of the bra boutique’s new site,, ladies worldwide can shop a range of styles and sizes not available from many retailers. With its online expansion, LiviRae continues its founding mission to provide education about proper bra fit as well as high-quality products that cater to women of every body type.

To celebrate the launch, and to help all women feel confident and beautiful, LiviRae would like to offer the readers of the Women’s Style Examiner a discount on purchases made on the LiviRae website through to the end of February. Use checkout code TENLIV for 10% off purchases over $100.

The creators of LiviRae cannot stress enough the importance of a proper bra fit, and have also provided a few tips on boob maintenance, that begin with “The 10 Commandments of Being a Double Diva”.

  1. Thou shalt not fear thy brassiere.
  2. To the window, to the wall – don’t let thy boobies fall.
  3. Don’t be a fool, thy bra is not wool. Forget Woolite and Tide, let Lasting Care be thy guide.
  4. Hang thy bras by bridge, or lay flat to dry. Absolutely NO dryer or else they’ll be fried.
  5. If thy breasts bust out the side or middle, then thy bra is definitely too little.
  6. We don’t accept returns or exchanges, so be sure thou get fitted before making any changes.
  7. Remember: Thy bras are like a new pair of shoes - you gotta break them in, so don’t freak out if they rub you in.
  8. If thy boobs begin to falter, don’t forget we alter.
  9. Some bras may be pricey, but they fit so nicely. Remember you must invest in the breast!
  10. Forget the bras of the past, because ours are sure to last.

Additionally, Hopkins and Decker list an array of titty tips that cover the bra band, cups and underwire, and the amount of bras women should own.

  • Your bra band should be parallel to the ground and sit low on your back. If your band rides up, it is likely too big.
  • Impairing circulation in the breast tissue can cause health problems, not to mention it's uncomfortable. The band should be snug, but not constricting.
  • The breast should be fully contained by the cup. If your breast is spilling over the top or sides, the cup is likely too small. If the exterior of the cup wrinkles significantly or you can feel room between your breast and the cup, the cup is likely too large.
  • The centerpiece of your bra is called the gore. The gore should lie flat on your chest. If the gore is not touching your chest, your cup size is likely too small.
  • If the straps are falling down, it's often a sign that your band is too big, and thus not providing enough support, which signals more of the weight of the bust is carried by your straps.
  • One way to judge if the underwire is the cause of pain is to push on it with your fingers. If it feels firm, that means it's sitting on your ribcage, and that's correct. If it feels like it's sitting on soft tissue, your cup is too small and it's likely causing you pain and potential risks to your health.
  • When your bra is new, you should be able to fasten it on the loosest hook. This way, as it stretches over time, you have room to tighten it. If your bra is only comfortable on the tightest hook, it's either the wrong size or old and stretched out.
  • You should get fitted for a bra at least twice a year. Your everyday basic bras are the most important to renew each year. The best way to make your bra last longer is to hand wash it every two to three wears with a gentle detergent and have at least four to six bras in your rotation, so you're not wearing the same one every day.

LiviRae Lingerie fits bras for bust health. There is a right and wrong way to wear a bra and with the proper guidance from LiviRae Lingerie your boobs, shoulders and back will be pain free and happy. Don’t forget to use coupon code TENLIV at checkout for a discount until the end of February.

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