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New lice treatment to ease parents

Lice have not always been so stubborn, but 'recent studies have labeled them as being "Super Lice" due to the fact that they are becoming pesticide resistant. You may have already experienced the over-the-counter treatment shampoo's leaving LIVE lice in the hair which means that they are not killing the nits (eggs) causing future re-infestation.

Super Lice: Pesticide resistant!
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Between six and twelve million children a year are infested with head lice each year. The common misconception is that "dirty people get it"; however that is not the case, head lice can only be spread from head to head contact and can happen to anyone.

Sklice Lotion is an FDA approved topical lotion that can now be prescribed by your pediatrician and is proven to be effective in just one application! Sklice can be used on children as young as six months old or older. Be sure to let your doctor know about any skin conditions or sensitivities your child may have. If you visit you can print a coupon off for your first prescribed purchase as well as find helpful tips on how to execute the procedure and disinfect your house.

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