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New lesbian web series to be filmed in Dallas, Texas

To be filmed in Dallas, Texas
To be filmed in Dallas, Texas
2013/Literary Stud

The web is an expansive universe that now includes serial entertainment. Dallas lesbians are glued to their smart devices, devouring the latest webisode based in other states. Now Dallas has an opportunity to showcase the immense talents littering the city. Interested in acting or are you searching for your big break? Casting calls for upcoming lesbian web series, Maxi’s Place, begin March 1st and will be held at Randy’s Club Cherries.

Maxi’s Place: The Web Series is based on the popular book series under the same name by Literary Stud. The Dallas native developed Maxi’s Place with some influence from the hospitality industry. “Restaurant and hospitality is a breeding ground of drama and high tension. When you include human emotion in the mix, it can be an explosive experience.” With a prominent nightclub as the backdrop, Maxi’s Place explores the Dallas lesbian community and the different relationship situations which inevitably occur.

So far, there are three written episodes available for purchase at, with a promise of more to come. The show, featuring local artists, is a collaboration of Dallas professionals and will be filmed around the DFW metroplex. Maxi's Place will need actors and actresses for film production. For more information about casting calls visit the Google+ and Facebook event pages or the official website for Literary Stud.