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New LED streetlights brighten Coleman Park

New LED streetlights will brighten Coleman Park and save West Palm Beach $10,000 per year in energy costs.
New LED streetlights will brighten Coleman Park and save West Palm Beach $10,000 per year in energy

Recently, energy-efficient LED streetlights were installed in Coleman Park, one of West Palm Beach’s most historic neighborhoods and the first community in the entire state of Florida to receive these lights from Florida Power and Light (FPL).

As part of Mayor Jeri Muoio’s promise to initiate environmentally friendly projects and in keeping with the Office of Sustainability’s motto, “Rethinking Paradise for a Green City,” the new LED lights will provide a 60% savings over the streetlights they are replacing.

Over the last year alone, West Palm Beach has installed approximately 6,000 new LED streetlights in various neighborhoods. However, this is the first time FPL has agreed to allow a city to pay for the LED upgrades on FPL-owned streetlights.

"These new lights are an investment that will improve the quality of life for West Palm Beach residents and save approximately $10,000 per year in maintenance and energy costs," said Mayor Muoio following completion of the first phase of the project. "We plan to continue investing in these new streetlights to help save residents money, use more environmentally-friendly technology and provide brighter lighting."

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