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New Law in Town

I hope you weren't TOO attached to the corruption....
I hope you weren't TOO attached to the corruption....
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Not only is the marriage between the KCMSD school board finished, but the fling with widespread corruption ended with (hopefully) a change in custody to individuals who may yet escape the contagion that brought down their predecessors. The “child” bickered over is the hapless student body, and the “family home” better known as their respective schools is decreasing in quantity. The new superintendent certainly walked into all of this with his eyes wide open about the sparse population left behind after too many angry parents fled to the suburban districts. With scandal after scandal vandalizing the works and nauseating the citizenry, the new custodians have their work cut out for them as they attempt to come to terms with a novelty in these parts: Commonsense.

Yes, a redistribution of what few students are left will impose a further burden on the parents. But I doubt if we should see anymore sweetheart deals with the sale of emptied edifices, at least. I can’t believe for a minute that I’m alone in having faith that these structures will be put to good use in the community. Yes, it hurts to see a property that held so many great memories gather cobwebs and dust for a space of time. But there won’t always be sad ends for these addresses. And if the new sheriff and his deputies can clean it all up, then the downtime may be---dare I say it?---ACADEMIC.