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New law allows Christians to be protected guns; not God

Justin Upton #8, Jason Heyward #22, B. J. Upton #2, and Andrelton Simmons #19 of the Atlanta Braves (L-R)
Justin Upton #8, Jason Heyward #22, B. J. Upton #2, and Andrelton Simmons #19 of the Atlanta Braves (L-R)
Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

A law allowing gun owners to carry concealed weapons into Georgia churches is now in effect; according to a July 3 article in the Mississippi Gun News. The law, in effect as of July 1, allows members to opt-in, and carry firearms to any place of worship.

The question of gun control and concealed weapons is addressed in the Bible. The book of Exodus speaks of man protecting himself and his household from thieves. In the book of Psalms (chapter 144), the Psalmist thanks God for preparing him (mind, body and spirit) for battle. Reading this, it is evident that violence and battle were an everyday part of the lives of the people in that day. But the debate does not end there.

According to July 3 article in Talking Points Memo, Target issued a statement asking that shoppers do not bring concealed weapons into stores. This statement also applied to stores in towns where carrying a weapon is legal.

One Christian viewed the decision for some to carry guns as a struggle with faith. “We are definitely living in end times. I can never remember a time when so many places were crime ridden and dangerous. But Christ promised to never leave or forsake me. It is by faith that I must put away my weapon and walk by my faith. We cannot pick and choose when we are going to live by the law of the land, and when we are going to live by the word of God”

There few issues as divisive as gun laws and access. One side says that they have a God given right to have firearms. The other side says that Christians are not under the law, and live by a higher standard. Do you think that carrying a gun demonstrates a lack of faith in God’s ability to protect?

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Source: Mississippi Gun News

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