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New Las Vegas Smashburger on Charleston smashes the competition

The Bbq, Bacon, & Cheddar Burger
The Bbq, Bacon, & Cheddar Burger
L Colagiovanni

Smashburger has a new Las Vegas location which recently opened at 6300 West Charleston. Smashburger is conveniently located just a couple of miles West from the world famous Las Vegas Strip.

The Sin City Burger, only available at Las Vegas Smashburger locations
Lou Colagiovanni

I was graciously invited, along with two guests, to visit the new Smashburger location and to sample their burgers are part of May's National Burger Month. You can't miss the iconic Smashburger sign outside, and there is ample parking to accommodate large groups, or even tour buses.

Upon walking in one is struck by the size as it is much larger on the inside than it appears outside. The facilities were sparkling, and the aroma was very inviting. I was greeted by an eager staff who was clearly awaiting my arrival, and the sampling began near seconds after I walked into the door.

Smashburger has a wide offering of sides and fries! My party and I were treated with three different kinds of french fries. The standard french fries, freshly fried and covered with sea salt, were wonderful. The famous Smashfries are in a league of their own, though. Covered in olive oil, garlic and rosemary, these fries were delectable to the last bite. Either variety can be purchased for $1.99. For those in a mood for a different type of fry sweet potato fries are available for just 30 cents more, and are prepared in the same way as a normal fry. I also sampled fried pickle chips, which I had never tasted before in my life. They were unique, crispy, and salty. To round out the sides, a serving of haystack onions was presented. At a base cost of $2.29, the haystack onions are a fine addition to any meal.

The fries and other sides may be tried with several different dipping sauces. The famous Smash Sauce, Bbq sauce, Spicy Chipotle sauce, ranch, yellow mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise are all available.

For the health conscious amongst us there is an option that will leave them satiated and satisfied with their Smashburger experience; the Veggie Frites! Flash fried carrot strips and green beans are the perfect combination for someone who wants something fried, but just isn't in the mood for a french fry. Smashburger delivers again.

Smashburger is famous for their regional burgers. In the various locations around the nation Smashburger prepares a burger that is only available in that region. The Las Vegas specialty burger is called The Sin City Burger. A fried egg is piled with applewood-smoked bacon, real American cheese, grilled onions, haystack onions, and the signature smash sauce with a lightly toasted egg bun. This burger was served first and by the end of the evening I asked for another to relive the delicious flavor. Those who are acquainted with Smashburger know that in whatever part of the country they are in a new specialty burger awaits them!

I love mushrooms, and The Truffle Mushroom Swiss Burger was one of my favorites. A light spreading of truffle mayonnaise and sauteed crimini mushrooms laid over a slice of perfectly aged swiss cheese created an unforgettable taste. If I were not in the Las Vegas area and the sin city burger wasn't available, this would be my next pick.

Of course mushrooms aren't for everyone. The Bbq, Bacon, & Cheddar Burger is a fine selection that boasts dark bbq sauce, applewood-smoked bacon, a slice of cheddar cheese, and haystack onions. This burger was so inviting, I opted to try both versions. At Smashburger every burger can be converted to a chicken sandwich instead. Imagine those toppings on a fine piece of chicken breast, or browse this articles slideshow to see the sandwich for yourself. Both combinations were savory, and at $6.99 for a big burger or a chicken sandwich it is an affordable option.

Speaking of chicken, the next sandwich I sampled was The Avocado Club Chicken sandwich. It was simply scrumptious with fresh avocado, applewood-smoked bacon, tomato, lettuce, mayo, and ranch on a lightly toasted multi-grain bun. The sandwich was light, and yet filling. The combination of flavors was memorable. I did not have the opportunity to sample the Avocado Club as a burger, but that will leave me something to try on my next visit. Besides, a man can only eat so many fries, burgers, and sandwiches, and I was not nearly finished yet!

The next burger caught my eye when I initially walked in, and I was glad to have sampled it later in the meal. The Spinach, Cucumber & Goat Cheese Burger was everything you'd hope it would be. The goat cheese was creamy, and sharp. The spinach, cucumber, tomato and onion were light and a balsamic vinaigrette added a nice compliment to the sandwich on a toasted multi-grain bun. Only $6.99 and this taste could be yours.

There is also an option for those who just don't like burgers, or chicken sandwiches, but who would still like to have the Smashburger experience. Indeed, The Black Bean Burger is a fine option. The taste was so diverse, at first, I didn't realize I wasn't eating a burger made of meat! The fresh avocado, lettuce, tomato, and ranch with a slice of wonderful pepper jack cheese mixed perfectly with the black bean burger. The burger itself was quite large, and could likely be split by two individuals. For $5.99, all should feel comfortable tasting this creation.

For desert I sampled a hand-spun salted caramel shake. This drink was deceptively delicious. After sampling all of the burgers and fries, I thought I had little room left to sample anything, but I drank the entire shake. After eating burgers for a solid hour being able to drink anything was a triumph, let alone the entire cup! The salted caramel shake was the perfect way to end my meal, and I'd recommend you do the same. Not a caramel fan? Not to worry as Smashburger boasts a comprehensive shake menu that includes; Chocolate Oreo, Butterfinger, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Oreo, and Nutter Butter. For only $4.29 one is hard pressed to find better value anywhere in Las Vegas.

Throughout my meal different Smashburger team members came out to greet and serve me the next course. I had the opportunity to chat with nearly everyone, and I can happily say that the staff takes a deep pride in their work. They made it clear that their priority was to ensure I enjoyed my experience, and I absolutely did. The staff was even kind enough to come out of the hot kitchen to take a picture. For all of their hard work, they should certainly be recognized.

Neither of my two dining companions had ever heard of, or been to, a Smashburger before. Both imparted to me that while this was their first trip, it most assuredly would not be their last, and that Smashburger had won themselves two new customers for life. One can't beat that. For myself, it was a pleasure to visit the newest Las Vegas location of Smashburger and I look forward to visiting again very soon. Whether you're a longtime fan of Smashburger, or have never visited before I highly recommend you visit.

To see this Smashburger location's menu, please click here.

I was invited to visit Smashburger by Integrated Corporate Relations.

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