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New Kids on the Block reality series: NKOTB fans in for 'vacation of a lifetime'

Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images

New Kids on the Block will film a reality series while on a cruise ship. According to, TV Guide is working on a new show called "Rock the Boat." It will feature the "five brothers" from Boston, Donnie, Joey, Jordan, Jonathan, and Danny as they take on the high seas with some of their biggest fans. Those of you who follow NKOTB know that plenty of wild things happen on the cruise every year and those who can't afford tickets or just can't go for other reasons will now be able to live vicariously through their television sets.

The show will be "a week-long party on the high-seas with America’s favorite bands." Some crazed fans will have "the vacation of a lifetime" as they spend time with old friends, make new friends, and have their lives taped while trying to get close to their fave five. It really will be the story of the "five brothers and million sisters" which every "Blockhead" knows about.

The New Kids on the Block reality series will be produced by Donnie Wahlberg who seems to have his hands in everything these days. Not only is he a part of NKOTB but he also stars in "Blue Bloods," produces "Wahlburgers," and "Boston's Finest," and will also star in "Rock the Boat." And he's doing all of these things while planning a wedding -- he just got engaged to "The View's" Jenny McCarthy. Needless to say, the guy has a lot going on right now.

Will you tune in to "Rock the Boat" or do you plan on being on the boat when filming begins?