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New 'Karate Kid'...'Spider-Man 4'...Hollywood buzz


Jaden Smith in "The Karate Kid"

The new ‘Karate Kid’


It’s been nearly 26 years since ‘Daniel-son’ became a household name and this year a whole new generation of moviegoers will get reintroduced to “The Karate Kid.”  This summer Columbia Pictures will release an updated version of the classic martial arts film which first paired a handyman martial arts master named Mr. Miyagi with a bullied teenager named Daniel Larusso.  The newly updated version is not a remake, but instead an entirely different story that follows the same themes of the epic saga.  The movie stars 12-year-old Jaden Smith (son of world renowned actor Will Smith) and Jackie Chan.  The story follows a boy and his mother from Detroit to China after the boys mom accepts a new job.  Similar to the original film, the boy soon finds it’s hard to make friends in a new school and gets beaten up by fellow students.  With no one to turn to a local maintenance man (Jackie Chan) befriends him and teaches him the art of kung fu.  The updated version of “The Karate Kid” sweeps into theatres June 11th.

 Click here to watch “The Karate Kid” trailer


‘Spider-Man’ returning to high school

Following numerous scripts and story ideas, Sony announces it’s in pre-planning stages for its fourth installment in the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise.  The big difference about this next film is unlike the previous three, this one will be shot by a different director and feature an entirely new cast.  Sony says director Sam Rami who helmed the vision for the franchise and actor Toby Maguire, who most fans recognize as the superhero spider-man, will not be returning.  Instead the new vision for the fourth film takes Peter Parker back to high school where he first learns of his unique abilities.  No word yet who’ll play the main characters, however Sony has scheduled the film to hit theatres summer of 2012.


‘Fast & Furious’ races on

Less then a year ago a resurrected cast raced into theatres with the fourth film in the “Fast & Furious” franchise.  To everyone’s surprise the movie actually did really well, bringing in $343 million worldwide at the box office.  The success is just what Universal Pictures needed to continue the somewhat cult series.  Vin Diesel, one of the stars of the first film and most recent release says it appears the studio is working on putting out two more films under the ‘Fast & Furious’ label.  Sources say the writer of the latest film has submitted two more scripts that could potentially become the fifth and sixth installments in the franchise.  Universal Studios has not yet publicly announced a release date for any future “Fast & Furious” films.


New movie trailers

 “The Bounty Hunter”

Starring Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler

In theatres: March 19th, 2010


IMAX “Hubble 3D”

In theatres: March 19th, 2010


“Backup Plan”

Starring Jennifer Lopez & Alex O’Loughlin

In theatres: April 16th, 2010

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