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New jobs to come to North Carolina

 Made possible, in part, by a grant from the One North Carolina Fund, Commonwealth Brands Inc., a national manufacturer of tobacco and tobacco products, will expand its operations in Rockingham County, creating approximately 35 jobs.

While this seems like wonderful news, and indeed, it is. (Even I don't have a problem with spending tax dollars on something like this. It is an investment in itself.) I have to wonder, is there any conflict of interest? 

On January 1, 2010, North Carolina joined the ranks of states that have outlawed smoking in restaurants and bars. While there are mixed emotions about this in general, the only real argument is whether or not this is an invasion of property rights for the owners of said establishments.

But I digress. With the ever expanding outlawing of smoking, and tobacco use throughout the state, is it a conflict of interest for the state to invest in another tobacco farm/manufacturer? And more to the point, is it wise for the tobacco manufacturer to invest in a state where tobacco is on its way out?

Your thoughts? Please see the original post here.


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