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New job training programs highlighted by President at a PA community college

The President, Barack Obama, and Vice-President, Joe Biden, appeared together at the Community College of Allegheny County, which is outside of Pittsburgh, and announced plans for a renewed effort among federal programs that would put the emphasis on job training.

In fact, the President revealed that $500 million in existing funds from the Department of Labor would be used to encourage community colleges and corporate employers to work together in developing curriculum for specific types of jobs for students.

Another $100 million in funds would be used to develop apprenticeship programs in the areas of healthcare, advanced manufacturing and information technology; some of the fastest growing sectors for job creation in today's market.

There is also proposals for retraining old workers to help deal with new employment demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that over the next decade the country will need about 522,000 software developers, 224,000 electricians, 110,000 pharmacists, and plenty of manufacturing workers like welders, machinists, and factory technicians.

With more jobs returning from overseas and the current education system in the country, America lacks the number of people with the skills necessary to handle this workload, which is exactly why the current administration should put a renewed focus on job training.

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