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New Job Salary Negotiation, Part I

Negotiation Room
Negotiation Room

The following Part 1 of the August 26, 2014 Relevant Radio Q&A on New Job Salary Negotiation with Glen Lewerenz and Tracey. Tune in 6a PST 9a EST @relevantradio -

Dr. Wilen is on a corporate speaking tour on the topic of 21st Century Careers and can be reached, @traceywilen or FB Dr.TraceyWilen

Today’s topic : New job salary negotiation

Question: On a previous show we discussed negotiating a raise at work. Today you are going to talk about negotiating a new job offer for a new job.

Yes the job market for many people in various industries is improving and I am receiving emails with questions on how to position yourself for the salary discussion for a new jobs. Many people have not made a move in a while and are curious about the process and if it differs from inside the firm.

Question: Will I be expected to negotiate for a new job salary?

· Not all firms negotiate for salary. Sometimes it is a fixed position with a fixed salary or salary range. I suggest finding out in advance if you can the process the firm uses for new hires and what the salary is for the job you are going to be hired for. Sometime this is listed in the job description or an HR screener might vet this with you before your interviews even start.

· With that said research suggests that that 60% of Hiring manager will negotiate.

· I think people need to be mindful that offers can be withdrawn and like we noted in previous shows there is more than money when it comes to a new hire negotiation.

· I suggest that people do their homework so they feel like they are paid what they are worth and don’t make an error such as too much or too little that they regret.

Question: What sort of homework should I do?

Do your research. First you need to know your or the job you are being considered for is worth in today’s market. If you have no indication from the firm then here are some places you can go to find this information.

· Salary surveys

· Professional Associations

· Recruiters

· Job postings





Check back tomorrow for Part II of "New Job Salary Negotiation"

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