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New Jersey wedding reception shut down after police end 300-person brawl

A wedding reception was broken up after a 300-person fight.
A wedding reception was broken up after a 300-person fight.
Flickr Creative Commons, Chris spader

New Jersey weddings happen every day, but if TV has taught us anything about Jersey culture, one wedding on Sunday was truly a Jersey wedding.

On Sunday after two people united and professed their love and devotion to each other in front of family, friends and event staff, the reception began. However, that’s when things started to come undone. A fight broke out at the Jacques Reception Center at about 10:30 p.m. according to police.

Two off-duty cops who had been working the reception as an added element of security were alerted that a fight had broken out in the reception hall. However, as they moved to break it up, soon the fight involved 80 people strong and growing. The fight mostly consisted of guests yelling, pushing and screaming.

When the officers realized the fight was out of their control, they requested back-up from Middletown police officers. When their back-up arrived, the brawl had grown to 300 people. It isn’t entirely clear if all participants were part of this wedding, or if others had joined in the fray.

With 300 people to contend with, officers from Keansburg, Holmdel and Hazlet also showed up to break up the fight as well as to make the participants leave. Apparently once all the screaming and fighting began, no one wanted to stop or leave the area.

Fox news reports that with all the backup officers, it took 45 minutes to break the fight apart, shut down the reception and to get everyone to leave. At the end, no one reported injuries and two people—a man and a woman—were arrested for disorderly conduct.

The origin of the fight is being investigated.

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