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New Jersey seeks respect and upset New York is getting all the Super Bowl love

Super Bowl 2014
Super Bowl 2014
Super Bowl Host Committee

In past weeks leading to the first Super Bowl being played in a cold city, most of the media, including the NFL have been boasting the upcoming biggest football game and announcing all the fun festivities taking place in “New York.”

As for New Jersey, the state hosting Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium, which physically stands in East Rutherford, New Jersey, is not getting so much a mention on the big game that will attract millions of eyeballs as well as money into Bruce Springsteen’s home state.

“The Big Apple may have Super Bowl Boulevard, but no one is going to be scoring touchdowns in Times Square,” said New Jersey Senator, Bob Menendez at a Super Bowl press conference.

Even Cory Booker, New Jersey’s other Senator expressed disgust and was fed up how his state was being left out. “These pathetic prognostications of the pundants…uhh, the outrageous oracles of obfuscation” were Booker’s smart choice words describing the media that continues to leave his state out of the biggest game being played in his backyard.

As far as New York goes, keep in mind Met Life Stadium, formerly “Giants Stadium” is home to both New York NFL teams, the New York Giants and New York Jets. The words New York is written all over the stadium.

The only reason both New York teams play in New Jersey, which is only 30 minutes from Manhattan, is because thanks to the skyscrapers all over the city, there is no space to have a football stadium in Manhattan, which would be conveniently located for New York fans.

Many New Jerseyans are upset for being left out, including the Mayor of East Rutherford, James Cassella who could not believe he was not even offered a Super Bowl ticket.

Then again, if offered a ticket, Cassella could not accept, for politicians are not to accept gifts over $500, and Super Bowl XLVIII tickets are currently going over $1,500 at Stub Hub and other ticket selling outlets.

Some New Jerseyans are angry, others are taking it like a “grain of salt,” and feel is no big deal. Even a New Jersey bar owner near the stadium, added “If it wasn’t for New York, New Jersey would not have a Super Bowl.”

It definitely was the heavy efforts of New York politicians, New York Giants’ Eli Manning, former New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and Jets and Giants Owners, who back in 2010 lured the NFL Super Bowl committee to finally bring the biggest championship game to an exciting winter city.

New York City is an obvious better tourist attraction than East Rutherford, and even Times Square is dedicating a week-long “Super Bowl Boulevard” full of fun football festivities and concerts, where you can get chance to photograph yourself with the famous Vince Lombardi trophy. Why didn’t New Jersey come up with something similar to Super Bowl Boulevard to keep the party in New Jersey and receive more attention?

Why do you think New Jersey is being left out? Your thoughts and comments welcomed.

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