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New Jersey man found guilty of animal cruelty for shooting dog with an arrow

NJ Man guilty of animal cruelty
NJ Man guilty of animal cruelty
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According to Thursday's publication of the Daily Freeman, a New Jersey man has been found guilty of aggravated animal cruelty for killing a family's dog with an arrow.

Ulster Judge Donald A. Williams stated that 39-year-old David Moors' October 2013 killing of a young German shepherd mix named "Clara," was calculated and unprovoked; Williams stated:

This court has an unwavering belief that the intentional act of killing a dog in the manner that this death occurred, without justification, is reprehensible,”

According to Clara's owner, Julie Palinkas, the dog had been outside for less than nine minutes when Moors killed her with an arrow on his sister's property in Pine Bush. Moors claimed that he believed that the dog was feral, but the judge stated that the area was "clearly residential," and noted that Moors confronted Clara's owner after the shooting because he was angry that the dog was on the property during hunting season.

The felony aggravated cruelty to animals conviction could put Moors behind bars for up to two years at sentencing.

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