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New Jersey man charged for crashing and masturbating

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Monday, January 27th 2014 was a pretty ordinary day for residents of humble Philadelphia. But one shocking and outrageous incident made it pretty scandalous. Early in mid-morning, an Average Joe named Vincent Wade of Camden County was caught for charges of rash driving. But what followed after a routine haul-up by the traffic cops was something that made a lot of jaws drop. In an extremely illicit manner, Wade alighted nearly naked and started masturbating in front of a shocked crowd of spectators. Ever since then, this piece of shocking news has become a scandal of the greatest and most unexpected manner and has even landed on Youtube.

How The Accident Took Place

The onset of this breaking news incident began with the unlikely and ordinary event of a car crash. Around 10.30 am, visitors witnessed what seemed like yet another case of drunk and rash driving, Police cars had been pursuing Wade’s vehicle for some time. All of a sudden, the car was found zooming right in the middle of the Fairhill district of Philadelphia. There was a notable Crown Fried Chicken outlet here. It was here that his car crashed on the sidewalk and came to a jarring halt. Soon, the vehicle was surrounded by the police cars on all sides as well.

Wade’s Dramatic Gestures

Wade got out of the car as ordered by the surrounding cops. Soon, he was seen coming out of the car in a half-naked manner. He was seen totally shirtless and he was gaped at from everyone who had now come and stopped to see him go out of control. A crowd was now beginning to gather around the scene and some of them were also recording the videos of the event as well as it got out of control. The moment Wade got out, he pulled down his trousers to his ankles. Then, he started wiggling his buttocks in a very provocative manner.

Wade Starts Masturbating

Wade continued doing his dirty dance, while everyone was gaping at him with a mix of awe and disgust. The policemen tried to restrain him but to no avail. Then, after some time, Wade pulled down his underwear and allegedly started masturbating in front of the people in full display. The cops were now totally embarrassed with the event. Wade continued to "jerk off’ and the onlookers started recording the incident on video as well. This was when the people felt that the situation had gone completely out of control as well. This was something that no one had expected at all. At this point his video was uploaded and it became viral immediately.

More Outrage

More outrage followed after these physically suggestive gestures in which he started waving his hands at the crowd and started jibing and jeering at the audience as well.

Trying To Control

The cops who were surrounding Wade now started trying to stop Wade and restrain him for arrest. However, Wade was so drugged and drunk that he could not relent at all. Eventually, it was to the credit of a yet-unidentified person who was able to lend a helping hand. The cops started distracting Wade from the attention of others. They started to act as if they were willing to talk out terms with him. This ploy proved to be successful.

The Aftermath

The aftermath of this breaking news event was quite mild compared to the shocking incidents of the day. Wade was arrested by the cops and the others soon took care to administer law and order in the chaotic section of Philadelphia. His vehicle was seized as well. A thorough physical checkup revealed that Wade was indeed under drugs and alcoholic influence. He was charged for rash driving and offensive action. He was charged a bail fine of $5000 out of which he paid $500 and returned home, now completely sober after the shocking actions that he did that day.