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New Jersey man arrested in dog dragging incident

Victor 'Buddy' Amato

According to Monday's NBC New York, a New Jersey man was arrested after a police officer caught him dragging a small dog behind a moving car.

One-year-old Roxy, a Chihuahua, was severely wounded after her owner, 49-year-old Keith Guastamacchia, tied her leash to his Toyota, and drove the vehicle.

Guastamacchia told the authorities that he had tied Roxy to the car after stopping to let her relieve herself. The man claims that he got into a heated phone discussion with someone and forgot that the dog was still tethered to his vehicle when he drove away.

Roxy was saved after Officer Michael Carlino witnessed the dragging.

Later, Victor “Buddy” Amato, the Monmouth County SPCA’s chief law enforcement officer stated in a press release:

The pup was saved after the officer saw the car with the dog in tow behind it and pulled it over,

The actions of the alert officer, no doubt, saved the dog’s life.”

Roxy was taken to an area veterinary hospital for treatment and Guastamacchia is now facing a charge of animal cruelty.

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