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New Jersey Judge bans ranting on Facebook

Ranting on Facebook
Ranting on Facebook
Image: Wendy Spickerman

Within the last 24 hours, the story of a mom banned from ranting on Facebook has come to light. Everyone does it, you have a bad day at the office, break up with your boyfriend, a vacation from hell so why was this woman banned from ranting on Facebook when millions do it every day.

Most will start proclaiming “freedom of speech” but that does hold true in this particular case as reported by the Courier News. The judge’s order back in 2011 was a special condition, which he believed would help advance the woman's rehabilitation.

“You can talk about what you want to talk about, but you are not a loud to reference your ex-husband or the children that’s off limits”, the judge told her.

The woman’s ex-husband family told the court her Facebook posts were frightening, they referenced the Book of Revelation, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer even Adolf Hitler.

While the mother tried to argue her case, claiming she was only posting what was public record and it was against her rights of free speech, the appellate panel disagreed with her argument that the order was too vague.

All this stems from her returning to Facebook in 2012, posting out rants using a code word for her ex-husband. Mind you this woman was arrest in 2011, after she tried kidnapping her two children and trying to flee to Canada. The kidnapping charges were dropped against her. The woman's name has not been released for her own safety.

So how was it they even got this order to stick? First off, if your settings are set to public the world is your canvas so be careful what you do post out on social media sides. Some might argue maybe that she had her settings set to private how would they get the information with Facebook's privacy policy; in this particular case, she may have had posts set to where friends or friends of friends could see them.

It might also be possible that she wanted family members to see her posts. For whatever reason, the information was taken into court and allowed.

This could open up a completely new assortment of problems when it comes to social media. We may just see many more cases going to court. Here are a few things to keep in mind while ranting on your favorite social media site.

  • It’s better NOT to rant at all. Try going for a walk or run to let out some of that frustration, which builds up.
  • If you must rant, DON’T use names at all. This is good advice for many reasons especially if it’s about a co-worker or boss.
  • Remember freedom of speech does not give you the right to threaten, harass or intend to harm anyone.

So, while you share those rants and raves just remember the world is watching you.

How do you feel about this? Should one be able to post freely anything they want? We here at Examiner would like to hear your thoughts, your opinions matter!