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New Jersey GOP blames the 'Liberal Media' and MSNBC for Christie's troubles

"I was the guy working the cones"
"I was the guy working the cones"
Willie Carlisle /

An email was sent to the supporters of the New Jersey State Republican Committee on Wednesday soliciting their support for that state's embattled governor. The email was a fundraising effort that offered a lapel pin in the shape of the state of New Jersey with the American flag embedded in it. This is the same pin that Chris Christie wears when he does public appearances. The pin will be sent to supporters in exchange for a $25 donation.

The email asserts that Chris Christie has received a raw deal based on the relentless coverage of networks like MSNBC and a partisan democratic party in the state out on a witch hunt. The story of lane closures on the George Washington Bridge first gained national exposure after it covered on the Rachael Maddow show late last year. Normally such a story would have gone away in a matter of days but instead it gained traction due to inconsistent answers or no answers at all.

The exact quote from the email:

“Over the past few weeks, the liberal media and Trenton Democrats have relentlessly attacked the Governor despite his strong, decisive leadership. It's time to stand up to MSNBC, the liberal media and their attacks,” the appeal says.

“The people of New Jersey deserve better than the partisan witch hunt they’re currently witnessing on television every night.”

The cartoon drawing associated with this article is an idea that I envisioned after Christie was first questioned following the story of the lane closures became public knowledge. Not being a resident of New Jersey nor having any affiliation with MSNBC, my vision was based solely on the response Chris Christie gave to a reported who questioned him about the lane closure. Christie's response was, "I was the guy in the hat and overall working the cones." He went on to say, "Are you serious about that question."

Christie either has no respect for the media or he fells that he can joke about matters he feels are irrelevant. Either way, that image of him working the cone stuck in my head. The overwhelming question today is exactly who ordered the lane closures and why.

At the time this story first broke Christie was riding high as the most likely republican candidate for president. He was polling neck and neck with Hillary Clinton and in some polls even leading her. Since then he has dropped so low in the polls that Rand Paul (R-KY) has emerged as the front runner. During Christie's recent visits to Texas and Illinois to raise funds for the Republican Governors Association, the candidates for the gubernatorial position in those states didn't even want to be seen nor photographed with him. Even the governor of Texas Rick Perry shunned his appearance in that state.

During the snow storm this week, several residents from Fort Lee made their way to the George Washington Bridge to post signs and hold a press conference. They were asserting that if Chris Christie was lying about having prior knowledge of the lane closure before or during the days the lane were closed, he should resign as governor.

Many supporters of the Republican Governors Association have already gone on record to suggest that the New Jersey governor should give up his position as chairman of that organization and concentrate on the affairs of his state.

Even Tea Party darling Sarah Palin made a statement on yesterday suggesting that the governor was either lying or incompetent.

I never envisioned that Christie actually put himself in a position to be brought down by a scandal involving lane closures, but the lane closures brought the eyes of the nation to Chris Christie. Until the truth about what happened around the lane closures are settled, the can of worms that have been opened up will expose so much about the Christie administration until he may have to admit that he in fact was the guy working the cones and directing traffic on the bridge in Sept 2013.


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