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New Jersey dog ordered to appear for jury duty

Barrett Griner IV will not be required to appear for jury duty.
Photo by Gary Gershoff

IV Griner is a five-year-old German shepherd who has been called upon by the Cumberland County Clerk of Courts to fulfill her civic duty as a juror reported Philadelphia's cbslocal news.

Last week the handsome pooch was sent a letter to appear for jury duty.

IV's owner, Barrett Griner, thought the envelope addressed to Barrett Griner IV, which is the dog's full name, may have been sent as a reminder for vaccinations or licensing, but when the human Barrett read the computer generated letter from the Cumberland County Clerk's Office, he knew what had happened.

The dog's name, IV, the Roman numerals were really a play on the name IVY, and since computers can't tell the difference between a "play on words" or a potential juror candidate, the joke was on the computer.

Cumberland County Judiciary Coordinator Dennis Moffa stated this kind of error does happen, and all one needs to do is to call the County Clerk's Office.

May we also remind those who program the computer, a juror must be the minimum of 18 years of age. IV was born on Dec. 6, 2008; that only makes her five years and three months - hardly experienced or old enough to serve on a jury of her canine peers?

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