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New Jersey chiropractors launch weekly support group for wellness

Vertebral column
Vertebral column
US National Institutes of Health via Wikicommons

Westfield chiropractors Dr. John Pinto, Dr. Michael Batla and Dr. Jefrey Roseff of Advanced Wellness of Westfield, NJ will host a healthy activity or lecture focusing on health and wellness education at their chiropractic care center every Tuesday evening from 7pm-8pm Advanced Wellness of Westfield is a health and wellness center providing chiropractic care that includes the Atlas Orthogonal Technique, acupuncture, exercise and nutrition counseling, cold laser
therapy and several other services.

According to Dr. Pinto, these activities will vary from week to week, and will include lectures, movies, exercise and nutrition classes and more. Health Night is free and open to the public.
"We plan to focus a lot on exercise, nutrition, healthy posture and form while exercising, and so on. As my colleagues and I continue in our practice and study of chiropractic care, we are always learning new ideas and tips we can pass on to people to help them be healthier,” he stated. “People should come dressed in comfortable clothes they can exercise in. They should be ready to try new healthy recipes. It will be different each week, but there will be a lot of participation and opportunity for people to try new, exciting and healthy things."

"Every year, we meet people who had good intentions for starting healthy New Year's resolutions or goals and then, due to getting too busy or losing focus or falling into old habits, those resolutions go off the rails. “ added Batla. “It happens to everybody at some point. So we wanted to do something to help our patients and everyone in the Westfield community. Our goal is to give them a space and a time just once a week where they can focus on their health and
keep their wellness goals alive."

In addition Roseff noted that people often need to a support system (a group of friends) in order to e able to maintain their goals by giving them “that extra nudge.”
“We really hope that Tuesday Health Nights will become that positive support system for a lot of people."

For more information call the Advanced Wellness of Westfield at 439 Central Ave., Westfield, NJ 07090 908 418-4475.

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