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New Jersey cheerleader shot 'execution-style': Cheyanne Bond aimed to be a nurse

Cheyanne Bond was the New Jersey cheerleader shot to death
Photo via Cheyanne Bond's Twitter

A New Jersey cheerleader shot in Newark had planned to become a nurse. Cheyanne Bond, 17, had just graduated from high school when she was shot execution-style. KSDK shared the details on Thursday.

Bond was walking with her boyfriend Sunday night when the attack happened. At this time, the authorities do not have a motive or a suspect, though robbery has not been ruled out. Bond's boyfriend was also shot, but he survived. The 17-year-old has not been identified because he is a witness.

Mail Online notes that police have released some security camera footage that shows two men near the area where Bond was shot. At this time the two men are said to be possible witnesses to the incident where the New Jersey cheerleader was shot. A $12,500 reward has been offered for information that helps catch the people responsible for Bond's murder. notes that the New Jersey cheerleader shot on Sunday was the third killing in Newark within just 24 hours. Two other people in Newark died of gunshot wounds over the weekend as well. Sadly Cheyanne Bond's family says that now the money they had intended to use to help the teen go to college will now be used to pay for her funeral.

Bond was described by her school's principal as being a “Good kid. Quiet kid. Fun kid.” It seems she loved to laugh and be at school. Cheyanne had posted on social media about being proud to have graduated from high school, and she was clearly excited about college ahead this fall.

Cheyanne had been living with her aunt since her mother died about 10 years ago. When she left the house Sunday, she hadn't anticipated being gone for long. Friends and family now mourn the senseless loss of life of the New Jersey cheerleader shot to death as she went out for a simple walk.

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