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New Jersey Airs Country's First Medical Marijuana Commercial

Use medical marijuana if you have to, just don't buy it from the corner dealer.

Pictured above is a still-frame from the first medical marijuana commercial aired in New Jersey this week.

The New York Daily News reported today that an ad from, a doctor-patient online portal has hit the airwaves. The ad, according to the report, airs on Comcast cable networks between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

The ad is pretty self explanatory, showing what appears to be a neighborhood drug dealer attempting to convince perspective buyers saying, "You need me and I need you. Let's make this work".

And the drugs? Well, they're not drugs in the commercial. It's seafood- Sushi to be exact. The argument, as the female voiceover suggests: "You wouldn't buy your sushi from this guy, so why would you buy your marijuana from him?". The commercial ends with the logo for

The video has been seen more than 450,000 times, with 1,826 thumbs up and 93 thumbs down prior to publication of this story. Many of the comments have been quite humourous. One comment reads, "Disrespect. Small time dealers kept pot alive even when it was illegal. I'll never go corporate. Suck it". Another reads, "I would buy sushi from him. I mean, just look how clean cut the pieces are! He probably has a PhD in culinary arts." One guy wanted so the ad back in time writing, "dude if I could send my 14-year old self a link from the future, it would be this."

Meanwhile, marijuana stocks are not seeing complete rags to riches success from the medical marijuana revolution taking place. Many people are more shocked at the fact there is a marijuana commercial airing on TV rather than the movement itself to legislate medical marijuana. Recent news reports cite states like Alaska, looking to legalize a recreational amount of the drug. Meanwhile the District of Columbia has already begun steps to decriminalize marijuana use in the privacy of one's home.

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