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New Jersey 2014 Congressional Primary districts 7, 8, 9

Leonard Lance, Republican incumbent Congressman from District 7, running in Tuesday's primary.
Leonard Lance, Republican incumbent Congressman from District 7, running in Tuesday's primary.
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Our coverage of New Jersey's primary next Tuesday, in which one Senator and all twelve members of the House of Representatives will be elected, continues with candidates for House of Representatives in Legislative Districts 7, 8, and 9. For other coverage see the index here, which will be expanded as articles are added.

District 7 comprises all of Hunterdon County plus southwestern portions of Warren and Morris Counties and western sections of Union and Somerset Counties. District 8 is formed of small densely-populated portions of Hudson and Union Counties surrounding but not including Jersey City. District 9 contains small densely-populated sections of southern Bergen County, eastern Passaic County, and northwestern Hudson County.

District 7 incumbent Republican Leonard Lance, who has held the seat since 2008, is running for re-election. He is considered a mainstream Republican, voting with the majority of the party on most issues.

He is being challenged in the primary by David Larsen, a strongly conservative business owner who is pro-life, strong on the Second Amendment, against big government, for a strong military, would reduce spending and encourage job growth by reducing industrial regulation, and simplify taxes. He supports energy independence and opposes Obamacare, wants to stem illegal immigration, and would audit and possibly dissolve the Federal Reserve.

The Democratic race in District 7 has only one name, Janice Kovach; there was a legal question concerning whether she would be included on the ballot, based on what was thought to be a technical irregularity in gathering the signatures required (the person gathering the signatures was not in the district, although the signatures were), but a court has ruled that it does not invalidate her inclusion; that could still be reversed by Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno. There are no other Democrats on the ballot.

In District 8, Democrat Albio Sires has been incumbent since 2007, and is unopposed in the Democratic primary. On the Republican side, Jude-Anthony Tiscornia, an attorney with a previous unsuccessful run for the New Jersey General Assembly, is also unopposed in the primary.

District 9 also has two candidates running unopposed. Democratic incumbent Bill Pascrell, formerly Mayor of Patterson, became Congressman from District 8 in 1996; redistricting moved Patterson into District 9 (eliminating one of New Jersey's formerly thirteen legislative disticts), but he was re-elected from District 9 in 2012.

The listed Republican candidate is Dr. Dierdre Paul, her doctorate in education and her experience as a professor since then. She ran unsuccessfully for the State Assembly last year. She is unopposed, a declared candidate, Michael Oren Epstein, failed to file for inclusion in the ballot.

Coverage of the election will continue.

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