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New Jersey 2014 Congressional Primary districts 4, 5, 6

Our coverage of New Jersey's primary next Tuesday, in which one Senator and all twelve members of the House of Representatives will be elected, continues with candidates for House of Representatives in Legislative Districts 4, 5, and 6. For other coverage see the index here, which will be expanded as articles are added.

Incumbent Congressman Chris Smith is unopposed in the 4th district Republican primary.
Campaign Photo

District 4, in central New Jersey, consists of most of Monmouth County, the western section of Ocean County, and the southern portion of Mercer County, including Trenton. District 4 use to be almost entirely south of this, with part of Ocean County combined with parts of Burlington and Camden counties. District 5 frames the northwest corner, covering much of the northern portions of Warren, Sussex, Passaic and Bergen counties. District 6 is in the central eastern area, a small densely-populated section of northern Monmouth and eastern Middlesex Counties, in the primary impact area of Hurricane Sandy.

In district 4, Republican incumbent Chris Smith has held the seat since 1980; he is unopposed in the primary. Also running unopposed, in the Democratic primary, is Ruben Scolavino, who made an unsuccessful bid last year for Monmouth County Sheriff but was inspired to try his luck against a veteran politician.

In the fifth district, Republican incumbent Scott Garrett is running unopposed in the primary.

There are two democrats seeking the nomination. One, Diane Sare, was last year's Gubernatorial candidate from the Glass-Steagall Now party, a party whose primary issue is restoring the "Glass-Steagall" provisions which restricted affiliations between banks and securities firms repealed in 1999. She has been closely tied to the Lyndon LaRouche movement for the last quarter century, and this financial plank seems to be the focus of her platform. She also wants to impeach President Obama, strengthen the war on drugs, and restore the FDR-JFK legacy of the party (as against what she identifies as the Jefferson-Jackson Confederate legacy).

Against her stands Roy Cho, son of Korean immigrants and newcomer to the political process. He lists among his objectives support for small business but elimination of corporate tax loopholes, investment in transportation and telecommunications infrastructure, and rewarding good teachers.

Democratic incumbent Frank Pallone, who ran unsuccessfully against Cory Booker in last year's special Senate election, is unopposed for the Democratic nomination for the sixth district. He is currently serving his thirteenth full term in the seat. In the Republican primary, Anthony Wilkinson is running unopposed, another announced candidate (Anna Little) having failed to file. Wilkinson is a young technology lawyer and adjunct law professor, and teaches in the public schools in Sayreville.

More coverage of the primary will come soon.

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